Bookkeeping Services

      Are you a Business Owner or do you work with a company that is interested in Bookkeeping Services? Well GBooks is here for you! We Serve companies just like you! Look below and we’ve got you covered. 

     Bookkeeping is not just about managing expense receipts. It goes deeper than that and businesses we are to stay compliant in preparation for IRS audits. But even more importantly, we are to keep accurate records of our books and that allows us to know and understand the health of our organizations. If you’d like to stay compliant, understand where your company is, and pay less in taxes; then keep accurate books. Let us help!

Did You Know?

       Did you know……….that by having and maintaining Better Records could help you pay allot LESS in taxes! Yes it’s TRUE! 

      But often times hiring another person on your team to maintain and take care of the finances can get very COSTLY!  And that’s why GBooks can help you! 

      According to Glassdoor in 2021, the average Bookkeeping cost, for a staff Bookkeeper is $40,000 a year, which is about $3,400 a month. If you allow us, at GBooks, to help you, then you can save big! Not only will the price differ, but you’ll also have an experienced and knowledgeable full-time virtual bookkeeper. 



Know and understand the areas that you spend the most money. By seeing this and having this explained to you, as the Business Owner, you become Proactive instead of Reactive.

You can rest assured that your books will always be kept accurate and up to date. You can check at any time and if you need something specific, don’t hesitate, reach out to us!

Remember….. you are a business owner. Do what you do best. Run your business and let us take those tasks off your plate.

Let us use our trainings to work! You’re in good hands. With our skill sets, work experience, and our community we will ensure that your Books are top notch.

Did you know! Hiring GBooks and the professional services we provide are also tax deductible to you! 

No More Stress! Now you can relax and run you business because your finances will be well taken care of. Need a statement, proof of income, audit preparation; No problem!